About Our Clients

At Tin Cans Marketing, we don’t talk about our clients unless, well, you know, we’re talking about our clients.

Most of our work is the result of referrals from consistently satisfied clients who appreciate our quiet, behind-the-scenes approach to helping them accomplish their goals.velvet rope

So if you’re considering us for your project and are visiting this site looking for a client list, sorry. Not here.

That said, excellent references are always available on request.


Our Velvet Rope

Tin Cans is a full-service strategic marketing agency that – how to put this delicately? – isn’t for everyone.

Our strategists, artists, copywriters and programmers are dynamic, engaging personalities who care about their clients. Offering good advice isn’t good enough for these people – they HAVE to see their clients succeed.

Our work – our heart and soul – is based on what we believe will best serve our clients and their audiences. We don’t bother with the “easy way out.” We’re not particularly interested in making the boss’s wife happy.

We HAVE to see our clients succeed. Their success is our success.

Your success is our success.

At Tin Cans, we don’t serve markets, or industries, or companies. We serve people. Specifically, we serve people who want to build great business relationships based on trust, respect and awesome integrated strategic marketing.

10+ year working relationship with major poultry producer advising on websites, public relations and social media.

8 successful years working with international chemical manufacturer – responsible for marketing strategies, PR and communications management, website development, social media strategy and tradeshow management.

6 years and going with major municipal water authority – PR strategy, website design, and e-commerce development.

Growing 3-year relationship with national association and a number of its state affiliates, advising on marketing strategy, advertising and PR, new member acquisition and retention.