About Tin Cans Marketing

Laura Stocker and Jeffrey Peyton spent two decades perfecting their craft in all walks of media and communications. Lifelong friends, they joined forces in March 2009 to create an entirely new type of agency – one uniquely equipped to offer real-world solutions to the emerging marketing challenges of a wireless world.

Tin Cans Marketing is what folks nowadays refer to as a hybrid agency. Seven years ago, there were so few of us doing this kind of work that the term had yet to be invented! But our founders understood that marketing success for their clients meant taking a chance on a business model that emphasizes technology and total market integration.mic

Rather than exist comfortably in a well-established trench (such as print advertising or website development), Jeff and Laura recognized the value of providing total marketing service to their clients – from legacy media and public relations to inbound strategies focusing on social and web, from trade show and event management to phenomenal writing and photography.

Their vision carried with it double the risk. Launching a new business at the height of the Great Recession was one thing. Launching a new kind of business was something else altogether.

Then, as client after ecstatic client stayed with us, something incredible happened. Our clients started sharing our story within their own circles. Within a year, virtually all of our new business could be attributed directly to our family of clients sharing their success stories!

Sadly, Laura passed away suddenly in early 2016.

Today, Tin Cans Marketing boasts a team of strategists, writers, artists, project managers and developers in three states and on three continents serving clients from small Main Street retailers to Fortune 500 international conglomerates. Our work takes us across America and around the world, serving clients from Boston to Brazil, from Chicago to Shanghai.

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