About Jeffrey Peyton

Jeff Peyton is a founding partner of Tin Cans Marketing, a full-service international marketing agency specializing in marketing strategy, communication management, public relations and Internet development.

A 30-year veteran of publishing and corporate communications, Jeff gained national prominence directing one of the largest grassroots communications efforts ever fielded. He was the architect of the nation’s first major nonprofit website, attracting millions of visitors per month in the early 1990s – years before social media, twitter, or even broadband access.

Jeff spent nearly 10 years working with nonprofits, developing their communications and Web strategies. He has consulted with such diverse groups as Christian Coalition, Peter Marshall Ministries, Catholic.org and Vision America. A multi-award-winning publisher, editor, writer and photographer, Jeff’s expertise includes publishing, graphics production and printing, project and personnel management, and Internet development.

But don’t be fooled by his professional accomplishments – he also wing-walked on an airplane at 700 feet, co-piloted the Goodyear Blimp, swam with sharks, and still managed to obtain paperwork officially declaring him “legally sane.” (No, really.)